Worship Arts

Since we are a family united in Jesus, one of the great joys in the life of our church is gathering, week after week, to worship God together. We believe God does a unique work in His people as we gather and worship, so our services are shaped with joyful reverence. Here are a few values that drive our worship services:

We value the reading and preaching of Scripture – The Word of God is essential to the Christian life, so we are committed to reading and studying the Scriptures as a family, learning and growing together.

We value prayer – We take every opportunity to pray, recognizing our great dependence upon God in all of life, and bearing witness to the One who is sovereign over all things.

We value singing – We sing songs that vary from great hymns of the faith to rich, new songs, utilizing a contemporary style of music.

We value participation in the ordinances of the Church – we follow the commands of Scripture by observing the Lord’s Supper and baptism as worship. While we don’t observe the Lord’s Supper on a weekly basis, it is still an integral part of the life of our church.

Underlying all of these values, we place the greatest emphasis on the Gospel. We recognize that we are able to worship God only if we have sense the holiness of God, the sinfulness of ourselves, and are trusting in Christ alone for reconciling us to God.